Enter the seven realms, create a character and face the darkest foes. Play through the demon war or defy the rise of a necromantic empire. The universe is young and you can shape it! You can follow the leveling trees from your chosen culture. However with knowledge and our unique HUB system you can expand your character's skills indefinably. 



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Also play the free one shot adventure called War on the Spire!

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LoreWars Guide Book

Hard Cover

Everything you need to start the game. Rules, character creation, monsters to fight and more.

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Seal of Fate

Soft Cover

A short adventure where you have to defend the Rye Empire from a group of cultists.

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7 Realms

Mission Statement - To create a table top role playing experience that is streamlined and easy to use, but also encourages creative and moldable game play.



LoreWars is table top RPG written by Douglas Carlsen meant to be an easy to understand and fun game to explore. With a unique class and race system it allows players to select from more than fifteen unique races each with their own classes associated with their culture! The game's rule system revolves around a twenty sided die and has a unique, yet easy to understand rolling system. You can see us play on our Youtube channel or on our podcast! You can also follow our latest news on Twitter!

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